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  • Custom Order Reserved for Manny Alvarez

    • 2 of the 8cm VW Wings patches with black and gray wings and teal/white VW logo (it's a pretty specific tealish color. Not sure if you have a color that closest to that)
    • 1 of the 10cm Volkswagen logo and words patch with a light grey background and the teal/white VW logo and the word Volkswagen stitched out in that teal color.
    • 1 of the 10cm M. Alvarez grey background and teal lettering patch
    • 2 of the 4cm Mk2/A2 blue (not teal) with white border and text patches
    • 2 of the 4cm Type 1 blue (not teal) with white border and text patches
    By my calculations, that is 8 patches @ $7.00 ea = $56 subtotal + $5 shipping = $61 total. Is that what you get as well?